There are No Shortcuts to Health

There are No Shortcuts to Health
Photo by Bruno Nascimento / Unsplash

We all want easy answers and instant results, but there are no shortcuts to health and longevity. You will need to make a healthy lifestyle a priority and do the work to change.

The good news is there are basic, simple building blocks of prevention that have been proven to work across diverse, global populations:

  • Eat well. Choose a diet filled with a variety of beans, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Avoid processed foods and animal products.
  • Move your body. Gardening, surfing, walking, and weightlifting all work to get some important exercise and natural movement in your daily routine. Find something you enjoy that gets your body moving and your heart pumping.
  • Get outside. Spend time in nature to boost your immune system, burn a few calories, and connect with our amazing planet. Hike a trail, kayak a river, pick some berries, or sit under a tree and breathe.
  • Sleep enough. Get enough deep, quality sleep each night to rest and restore your body and mind.
  • Control stress. Whether you laugh, meditate, relax, smile, or stretch, find ways to reduce any anxiety and stress in your daily life.
  • Be social. Spend time with family and friends. Join a community of people who share healthy habits.
  • Want less. Be content with less and reduce your consumption. Buying, consuming, and wanting more of anything will lead to unhappiness in many ways.

For better health and a longer life, start anywhere and anyway you can to integrate these preventative measures into your day. But it won’t work unless you make it work.